Hello, I'm Natali

A woman who decided to live a life of purpose.

High Performance & Business Coach

I help visionary entrepreneurs to activate their potential to build successful online businesses and transform their fears into freedom, joy and abundance.

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As a biotechnology engineer, I realized that science aligned with social tools can be an enormous scheme of knowledge to understand human behavior and how it can generate absolute potential for personal fulfillment and personal and professional achievement.

Why does the human being do what he does and behave in a certain way?

I knew there was a direct purpose between what I studied and how this relates to my clients and the people I serve. I knew that my skills were aligned to serve at a higher level.

After living in Barcelona for several years, working in laboratories in the United States, Spain and Ecuador, I decided to work in the elite cruise industry of the Galapagos Islands, become a co-owner of the Hotel Coral Blanco on Isabela Island and launch a virtual travel agency.

I started traveling having a growing business on my computer and working remotely.


However, I knew that to achieve something bigger I had to discover my true potential and by becoming a Business and High Performance Coach I was able to explore my passion of helping more people discover their opportunities, so in 2018 I decided to start my business from scratch which would allow me to have freedom and impact.

I grew up in a macho culture where being a woman meant being destined to obey and follow orders without having a clear voice and opinion to pursue my dreams.

A middle-class environment where opportunities were overshadowed by a pre-established schedule and dreaming only after hours. I grew up full of fears created in my childhood: failure, not being enough, not having enough, scarcity, giving up living to please others, fear of speaking and expressing my opinions, fear of abandonment and among others.

Curiosity led me to discover that there is more to getting up to exchange time for money with no purpose and no impact on the world.

I knew that I needed to discover an opportunity and the fact of belonging to the Galapagos prompted me to learn languages, cultures, increase my social skills and above all generate a positive impact on people and the environment.

The impulse was born in me to be a positive part in the education and conservation of nature, as well as to contribute and help more people to discover their opportunities, to be an inspiration that there are no limits beyond the mental ones and that it is possible to overcome them.

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I have been working with professionals, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who want to improve their careers, create a fulfilling life, and enjoy the freedom and joy of working with purpose and impact.

I have had TONY ROBBINS as a mentor and I have been trained with high-level tools, being part of elite world-class coaching communities, being the only Latino representation.

The combination of my international experience from 27 countries and more than 100 cities gives me a greater understanding of the market in Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia.

So if I can do it, you can too!

I have been part of international Congresses in the Tourism industry representing my country Ecuador.

I have also had the support of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador in Galapagos to train tourism employees and help them improve their social skills as well as the sales and tourism processes.

I also have been invited on different podcasts, where you can listen to my story.