What is the difference between those who achieve their goals and those who only dream?

Today the current high performance model for organizations focus on:

  • Employee satisfaction leading to a better response rate and productivity.
  • Informal approach focused on skills, attitudes, and teamwork balance.
  • Emotional intelligence and work-life balance.

Greater number of satisfied employees, greater customers, greater profits.
Salary increase and job promotion.

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Natali Constante, who has been trained by the same people who trained Bill Clinton, Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Leonardo DiCaprio, among others, has developed a methodology called COATM (Creator of Opportunities and Achievements) in which she works with high-level professionals who feel saturated, overwhelmed, stagnant, unmotivated, feel that their productivity has decreased and have problems with efficient time management, helping them exploit their full potential by designing programs in a personalized way through concepts such as:

  • Neuroscience and NLP tools for unleashing your potential and break mental barriers.
  • The art of fulfillment
  • The Science of Achievement.

Which leads clients to develop focus, discipline and take immediate action in their professional field without neglecting their private life, family time and passions.

In addition, the physiological part of the human being is managed to achieve brain connections and lasting changes.

Check the success stories and results obtained when working coaching with high performance tools.

Why is personal development and high performance vital for visionary organizations and professionals?

Everybody talks about the importance of the IQ (Intelligence Quotation) as an indicator of intelligence for the performance of certain specific skills and techniques in the workplace, but a competitive advantage in the new era is the EQ (Emotional Quotation).

Managing emotions, managing teams, new forms of communication, high performance and job satisfaction totally change the focus of the organization and the way to achieve results.

Personal development, rebuild an achiever identity and mindset, work of limiting beliefs generates lasting changes in our clients.

Interested in improving your performance, raising your energy, increasing your focus and generating lasting change?

Businesses and organizations that score 25% higher on their employees' work experience report nearly three times the increase in return on assets and twice the return on sales compared to organizations that do not report a great deal of work experience. your employees. - IBM