Case study: From full time teacher to full time business owner.
"Now I get to work on what I love, my purpose and I can decide when to work and where to work"
"I have clients 1:1 and group, I have a structure, I have flexibility and my productivity has increased"

0:56 How does it feel live on your purpose?

2:42 What were you doing before start to work with The Raise Method? How did you get into this?

6:15 What was for you something that inspired you to take action towards your dream?

11:25 What were the limiting beliefs that were holding you to start a business? (Being salesy, afraid of showing up).

14:47 How did you overcome the resistance to invest in yourself, your skills and be resourceful?

18:06 Working full time as teacher to work full time as coach

20:30 What are the RESULTS that you have gotten since we start to work together with the RAISE METHOD?

24:25 What are the keys of your success?

26:32 What do you like the most about working us together in The Raise Method?

31:40 What are your next projects?

Case study: Ingrid, "Burnout and stress reduction coach", 6o years old. From zero to sign 4 paid premium clients, 3 seminar contracts to teach burnout coping strategies, job offers and thriving in business in less than 2 months following The Raise Method.

1:06 I ask for your help because as a therapist is difficult to find clients, so the main lesson that I learned from you is:

3:25 What were your doubts to start hiring a coach?

4:02 What was something that made you to connect with Natali?

5:25 How to build trust with clients so they can become your raving fans?

6:00 Did you have fear of investing?

7:05 How to become resourceful to learn skills and take off the business?

8:25 Fear of selling, improve sales mindset

8:50 I was afraid of charge at the beginning, fear of selling, change the mindset in order to ask more money.

10:05 Positive changes create a big relationship with clients.

10:44 Main struggles before start working together: active on Facebook but didn’t have the story clear, I was selling solutions without listening to the clients.

12:00 How to overcome self-doubt

13:30 How to get clients even working in a 9-5 job and got clients in the second month and getting more clients every time.

15:15 How to manage time to build a business?

16:26 If you are doing what you don’t like, you will stay in the same situation.

17:10 What are the results and change that you have seen during this time working together?

18:57 How to attract positive energy.

19:35 What was the key for a complete change the path of your life?

24:30 Last message

Case study: How Helen went from coaching for free to sign 3 clients and get $3900 USD in one week.

Sunny, relationship coach, ex-corporate employee working in finance, sign up a $9800 USD premium client within 3 months of coaching

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Carolina B. is a wonderful woman, she is a life coach.
From being fearful to publish her first book about overcoming fears.

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Isabel, 70 years old started to show the world that aging is a magical process.
She has bought different courses from KBB, Project Next and she finally got guidance when she joined to The Raise Method, now she's thriving with her online coaching business.

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Esther H. is a brave woman who is working in consultancy.
From earning $2500 USD in her Consultancy professional services per project to signing a contract for $12400.


Alina a woman who worked in the corporate world.
From not having ideas about how to start a business to earn $9000 within the first 2 months.


Helen is a woman who started into coaching 2 months ago with free clients, after joining to THE RAISE METHOD program she got 3 clients in less than 2 months closing her first $3800 USD in her coaching business.

A.R. is a scientist working in a prestigious center, she started the coaching journey 1 month and half ago and closed her first high-ticket client in the second ever sales call.