Case study: Cynthia went from full time teacher to full time business owner.

«I knew that I was made for great things, I became resourceful, I had the time investment and financial investment as limiting beliefs, If I was willing to invest in myself I can show up and say that there’s value to invest in yourself»

I have invested more in degrees and now I see more potential in earn more in this thing. «Now I get to work on what I love, I have 1:1 clients and group coaching program established, I have flexibility and my productivity has increased»

Case study: How Carolyn signed her first high ticket clients per $3497 USD Paid in full 100% organically

At the time when I started with you I didn’t know how to consistently write content, and I wanted to know how to become confident on sales conversations.

I used to be afraid of selling and I used to play avoidance to people.

«I feel relieved now, I feel the momentum, I learned how to write great content, how to talk to high level clients, this has changed my life Natali»

Case study: How Helen went from coaching for free to sign 3 clients and get $3900 USD in one week.

I finished my coaching certification as health and life coach and I had some pro-bonos but none of them signed with me as paid clients. Then after working with you Natali, finally I can say : «no more free coaching for me, now I can go on vacation with my family and be well paid, this is exciting.

Case study: Ingrid, "Burnout and stress reduction coach", 6o years old, from zero to 5 paid premium clients, 3 seminar contracts to teach burnout coping strategies in less than 2 months following The Raise Method.

I didn’t know how to talk to people, I was telling them how to solve the problem, I was always pleasing prospects , now I am looking at their pain, use their words, feel what is touching them and I can reach the clients now and now I am very busy with them.

Lana is a life strategist and coach helping high achieving women to hit BIG goals. She works in a 9-5 job and built her business on the side.
She attracted her dreamed client, a COO leader. She signed a $2500 USD client paid in full in just ONE sales call.

I didn’t have an offer or curriculum designed, before starting working together I bought some courses from Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi without making much progress. Now I am working with my dream client.

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Sunny, relationship coach, ex-corporate employee working in finance, sign up a $9800 USD premium client within 3 months of coaching

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Carolina B. is a wonderful woman, she is a life coach.
From being fearful to publish her first book about overcoming fears.

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Isabel, 70 years old started to show the world that aging is a magical process.
She has bought different courses from KBB, Project Next and she finally got guidance when she joined to The Raise Method, now she's thriving with her online coaching business.

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Esther H. is a brave woman who is working in consultancy.
From earning $2500 USD in her Consultancy professional services per project to signing a contract for $12400.


Alina a woman who worked in the corporate world.
From not having ideas about how to start a business to earn $9000 within the first 2 months.


Helen is a woman who started into coaching 2 months ago with free clients, after joining to THE RAISE METHOD program she got 3 clients in less than 2 months closing her first $3800 USD in her coaching business.

A.R. is a scientist working in a prestigious center, she started the coaching journey 1 month and half ago and closed her first high-ticket client in the second ever sales call.