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Natali Constante is an engineer, mentor, coach, world traveler, business woman from the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, founder and leading creator of PASSIONATELY PREMIUM brand a worldwide online business and self-leadership mentoring company focused on influential communication and the power of human connection.

With over 8 years of experience in different industries such as tourism, coaching, health and finances Natali mentors  and coaches individuals, business owners, leaders, brands to into embodiment, influence, negotiation, sales, business expansion and development through disruptive approaches by mastering influential communication and self-leadership through personal power and emotional intelligence.

She also work with leaders  to heal generational trauma and increasing levels of fulfillment by focusing on deep understanding of inner beliefs, self-talk, inner world and using shadow work approach, COATM  strategy, so they can reinvent themselves into a new life.

Natali Constante, has always strived to provide services that are both good for your professional, spiritual and personal self-growth through her mentoring business and consulting as well as her public speaking presentations and workshops.

Natali believes in offering world-class disruptive experiences everywhere she steps in.

Courage, freedom, passion and authenticity have always been the forces that make Passionately Premium a brand that strives for connection and growth. Within that, we seek human connection as much as possible and true understanding of the bond that everybody holds no matter the cultures or geographic location.

The services usually are delivered online however the brand is aiming to expand to in person seminars and public presentations for retreats in combination with nature.


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Self-leadership, personal power, sales, negotiation & influential communication corporate coaching programs



Natali works through her method COATM (Creator of Opportunities and Achievements) providing coaching in psychology  of sales, influential communication and negotiation based on human behavior methodology for with professionals and teams.

As well as we create personalized corporate programs, workshops and coaching packages for companies looking to improve the company culture, increase performance, loyalty and happiness around the work environment by working with people into emotional intelligence, personal power and self-leadership.

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Business & Mindset Coaching programs

Natali uses influential communication methodology based on human behavior to help business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs to elevate sales, refine content creation skills on social media with copywritting and strenghten client relationships by learning how to influence in a decision making process and create wonderful business and personal connections.

We help you to transform  an idea into a profitable coaching business that attracts premium clients designing a business around your core personality, lifestyle and financial goals.

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Emotional Intelligence & self-leadership coaching programs

The era of B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) is over, we are in the era of H2H (Human to Human) where effective communication and intelligent leadership focused on human needs have become the pillar of professional success.

We believe that in order to have successful and great relationships with ourselves and with people around us (clients, colleagues, family, friends) learning to manage our emotions and lead ourselves from a neutral perspective can result on finding more opportunities and growth in life.

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Healing generational trauma & shadow work coaching

Natali has studied and embodied shadow work as part of her self-inner healing journey and she now works with her clients to recognize and deep-self integrate the repressed parts of themselves so they can lead in authenticity and courage which leads to higher performance,   better relationships, increase on revenue, more joy and fulfillment and new experiences.

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